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Anquan Boldin Becomes Franchise Reception Leader, Questionable for Next Week

If there was ever a positive note in yesterday's collapse against the Panthers, it would be the new record that wide receiver Anquan Boldin now holds. With his 3 catches for 23 yards, Boldin became the Arizona Cardinals franchise leader in receptions. The three catches gives Boldin his 537th reception, passing Larry Centers(535) for the most all time in the Cardinals record books. Its a feat that not my players can say they've done. Anquan has started to build a legacy here in Arizona whether you like him or not. He's got 6900 yards, and can likely move into 3rd all time if he can gain 106 more yards this year, passing Pat Tilley(7,005). The record however, may already be in jeopardy as there's another receiver working his way up the charts. Larry Fitzgerald is currently 6th all time with 473 receptions, 5th in yards(6484), and 3rd in touchdowns(51).

Franchise Stats G Rec Yards TD
Anquan Boldin 87 537 6900 41
Larry Centers 120 535 4539 19
Roy Green 153 522 8496 66
Frank Sanders 123 493 6579 24
Jackie Smith 198 480 7918 40
Larry Fitzgerald 83 473 6484 51

This brings us to the next point which is what Boldin should do next week in Chicago. He's already played the last two games despite straining his ankle, and re-injured the same ankle yesterday. There's no denying that Anquan is a warrior and that he'll want to play, but is it the best move for the team? Last year, Steve Breaston filled in for Boldin and had noticably better games then when he was playing at the 3rd string spot. The insertion of Breaston also made another difference - the Cardinals were undefeated. Starting against the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys, Breaston led the team in receiving both times, catching a combined 15 catches for 179 yards and 1 TD. With Boldin playing these last 2 weeks on an injured ankle, there has clearly been a drop off in his numbers. He only has 6 catches and has not scored since week 3 against the Colts, which is his only touchdown of the year. Should Boldin not play, Breaston would easily jump into his spot. The problem that exists is beyond Breaston. Jerheme Urban can't catch a pass if his life depended on it and Early Doucet has been non-existent through this point in the season. What do you think the Cardinals should do? Start or sit Boldin?