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A Breakout Game for Beanie Wells is on the Horizon

With Sunday's game approaching, rookie running back Beanie Wells has yet to have a "breakout game" if you will. Last week he scored two touchdowns, but was limited to 85 yards. The good news is that Wells did this against an 11th ranked Seahawk rush defense, and the upcoming Rams are presently yielding 142.3 rushing yards per game, which accounts for 28th in the league.

Handing off the ball to Beanie and Tim Hightower(I still have love for him) will be one key to the Cardinals winning the game on Sunday. In their past two games, which have both been victories, Ken Whisenhunt has shown a tendency to open the game with Hightower, and close it with Wells. Should the Cardinals take the same approach on Sunday, Wells may get even more opportunities against a vulnerable defense. The Rams have allowed 13 rushing touchdowns this season, which is 29th in the league, and give up a 4.5 YPA average which is 24th in the league.

The credit for Wells averaging 78.5 rushing yards in his last two games should obviously go to the offensive line, but much of the credit should go to Ken Whisenhunt for giving the rookie more chances with the football. He could have limited Wells for much of the season for fumbling the football 5* times in his first five games, but instead allowed Beanie to show that can can carry the rock without putting it on the ground. In his first four games of the season Wells touched(carries and catches) the ball 23 times. In the last five games, Wells has touched the Ball 69 times.

The Cardinals will certainly need to establish an early lead to start running effectively on Sunday, but that's not a stretch considering how much the Rams have struggled this season. If you look at his yards-per-carry average(4.6), Wells would need to carry the ball 22 times to eclipse the 100 yard mark. Could this be the breakout game of Beanie Wells rookie season? What would it take for Wells to have a dominant game?