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The Saturday Sim: Cardinals-Rams

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We're at another Saturday Sim, in a simulation between the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams, and let me tell you, pay attention to this one. It was a very close game and the Cardinals had their way of disappointing here. I couldn't post last week guys because I didn't have time. It takes some time out of your Friday night to watch a fake football game ; ). Anyways, before I break down the simulation, for those of you who aren't familiar with this, I simulate a game between the Cardinals and their opponent for that given week on the popular game known as Madden. I set it for All Madden difficulty, 8 minute quarters, with a 15 second run off. Then I post the results here. Let's see how the game went.

First Quarter

-The Rams receive the ball and begin running. On the second run of the game, Adrian Wilson forces a fumble and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie scoops it up to return it 42 yards for the touchdown. Cardinals lead 7-0.

- The Rams run more but eventually punt to the Cardinals. The Cards offense struggles to start the quarter and face several three and outs. The Rams march down the field with Steven Jackson leading the way. The Cardinals can't stop the run. At the 1 yard line, Samkon Gado runs in the touchdown to tie the game at 7. Key holding penalties on Mike Gandy and Levi Brown end several drives for the Cardinals. Game tied 7-7.

Second Quarter

- The Rams start the second quarter by bringing a lot of pressure, and the Cardinals are forced to punt. On the Rams next drive, they keep the running game going, but are stopped and settle for a 56 yard field goal. Rams lead 10-7.

- The Cardinals are stopped on their next drive because of another holding call, which is hurting them at this point. The Rams get the ball back and are setting up the pass by running. The Cardinals sniff out several runs and the Rams settle for another field goal. 13-7 Rams lead.

- The Cardinals get the ball back with under 2 minutes remaining in the half. They run the hurry up, and Anquan Boldin catches a big sideline pass that takes them down to the 6 yard line. Early Doucet and Jason Wright drop two passes in the end zone and the Cardinals settle for a field goal. Rams lead 13-10 at end of half.

Third Quarter

-The Cardinals get the ball at the half and immediately start passing a lot. Steve Breaston is getting a lot of looks on the drive but Anquan catches a big 36 yard pass that takes the Cardinals into the red zone. Beanie Wells carries a defender 5 yards on his back, something I've never seen before in Madden!! Reggie Wells gets called for the hold which pushes them back and the Cardinals settle for a field goal. Game tied 13-13.

- The Cardinals stop the Rams next few drives by stacking the box to stopping Steven Jackson. Clark Haggans is having a good day, registering 7 tackles all on Jackson. The Cardinals stall on the final drive of the quarter and punt to the Rams.

Fourth Quarter

- The fourth quarter is the same, as the Cardinals continue to stop the run. When the Rams are forced to pass, Adrian Wilson picks off Marc Bulger. The Cardinals can't take advantage of the turnover, and Ben Graham booms a punt to the Rams 4 yard line. The Rams get away from their goal line, but Bulger throws another pick, this time to Karlos Dansby. In the red zone, Beanie Wells second effort pays off and he runs the ball in 5 yards. Cardinals lead 20-13.

- Here's where the game goes down hill with less then two minutes left. The Cardinals stop the Rams who punt back to the Cards. The Cardinals try to run the clock out, but go nowhere. Beanie Wells fumbles, but recovers the ball himself. Wright gets a carry, who doesn't get the first down, but a face mask on the Rams gives the Cardinals the first down. Game over right? No. Wells gets the ball again and fumbles again!! The Rams recover with 46 seconds left. Jackson catches a wide open pass and takes it to the Cards 10 yard line. The Cardinals force a 4th and inches, and the Rams pass the ball!! Samkon Gado is wide open and runs it in for the touchdown!! Game tied 20-20.

- The Cardinals get the ball back with 26 second left. Warner finds Breaston for 20 yards, then Anthony Becht wide open over the middle another 23 yards. The Cardinals call timeout at the rams 28 yard line. The Cardinals go for the win but Rackers hits off the upright!! Overtime. Game tied 20-20.


- The Cardinals get the ball and march down into Rams territory. And just like before, Beanie Wells fumbles the ball away! Ken Whisenhunt is screaming on the sideline and why shouldn't he be? Put in Tim Hightower! The Rams get into Cards territory, but are stopped. The Rams go for the win which would be a 59 yard field goal. It has the distance, but hits the upright!! Cards ball.

- The Cardinals don't run this time, throwing to Larry Fitzgerald for 2 key first downs. In Rams territory, they are stopped and go for a long field goal. What a surprise, wide right!!! The Rams get the ball and get back into Cards territory. Going for the stop, in Cardinal-fashion, Mike Karney is wide open and streaks down the field for a 40 yard touchdown with Antrel Rolle chasing him. Rams win the game 26-20. Wow.

The Stats

Cardinals Rams
Total 308 290
Pass 265 207
Rush 53 83
Turnovers 2 3
4-12(33%) 3-10(30%)
TOP 23:18 17:44

comp/att Yards TD INT Rate
Warner 24/34(70%) 261 0 0 92.9
Bulger 14/22(63%) 207 2 2 86.7

Att Yards Avg TD/Fumble
Wells 18 50 2.7 1/3
Jackson 26 85 3.2 0/1

Rec Yards Avg TD
Fitzgerald 4 49 12.2 0
Boldin 4 65 16.2 0
Breaston 4 58 14.5 0
McMichael 5 43 8.6 0
Jackson 2 53 26.5 0
Karney 1 40 40.0 1

Final Thought -

It had to be the craziest game I've ever watched on Madden and if this happens in real life, I'll likely end up in the hospital. The Cardinals made the comeback in the second half and had the game locked up. Beanie Wells 3 fumbles killed the game, along with Neil Rackers inability to kick a game-winner. The Cardinals also finished with 8 penalties for 85 yards. I doubt this will happen on Sunday but it's interesting that Madden made it a very close game. What are your thoughts on the sim?