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Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings "Flexed" to Prime Time

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The Arizona Cardinals December 6th match-up with the Minnesota Vikings has been "flexed" to the Sunday night game on NBC, meaning the Cardinals will play their third prime time game of the season. The original game slotted for SNF was a game between the Patriots and Dolphins but with the Cards and Vikings leading their respective divisions and the draw of a Brett Favre vs. Kurt Warner duel, this game was a more intriguing option. The Cardinals are 1-1 in primetime games this season with a loss coming at the hands of Peyton Manning and the Colts but they exacted some revenge on the Manning family by beating Eli's Giants several weeks later.

The Cardinals are also scheduled for a Monday night tilt against the 49ers the following week so for the first time in franchise history, the Cardinals will play back to back nationally televised games.