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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 11

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The results are in and the Arizona Cardinals have received a boost in power rankings. Most of them are respectable and seem just right. The fox sports ranking however, I do not agree with. 11th was the worst out of the bunch and I don't see how the Broncos, Cowboys and Steelers should be ranked higher then the Cardinals, but that's just my opinion. Last week's average ranking was 8.4, this week the average ranking is 7.0.

ESPN - 5th

Getting Kurt Warner healthy has to be the top priority, particularly now that Arizona has a three-game lead in the division. 

NFL - 6th

Yahoo - 5th

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Cardinals were cautious with Kurt Warner – and we could see a Vince Young - MattLeinart matchup in Nashville on Sunday?



 Pro Football Weekly - 8th

Running the ball, but can they do it against top defenses?

What if sports - 9th

Yahoo Ranker - 8th

CBS - 8th

They played a decent road game against the Rams, even if they made it interesting in the end. The running game is getting cranked up, which is great for the playoff run.

Fox Sports - 11th

If you needed any more proof of Kurt Warner's importance in Arizona, turn your DVRs back to Sunday's win in St. Louis — where the Cardinals scored 21 in a half with Warner and 0 in a half with backup QB Matt Leinart.

Sporting News - 6th

Tim Hightower gives them a running dimension they simply did not have last season.

Walter Football - 6th

Kurt Warner says he's "just fine" and Jason La Canfora reports that Warner's second-half absence was just "precautionary." Phew. Breathe easily, Cards fans.

USA Today - 7th

NFL Fanhouse - 6th

Kurt Warner's health, mostly, is what Ken Whisenhunt and Co. should be thankful for ... oh, right. Forgot that they play in the NFC West which allows anyone to start however they want and still be very much in the position to dominate their division. So that's nice. But seriously, Warner being smart enough to take himself out of the game is pretty nice too.