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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

The prestigious Galloping Gobbler award. At least it's better then the old one.
The prestigious Galloping Gobbler award. At least it's better then the old one.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, hope everyone is having a good day so far. I wanted to start the day off right, especially since we have three NFL games today, all day. If you're like me, you're probably eating till you can't anymore and then sitting and watching the games, only to fall asleep from eating too much turkey. Anyways, use this post to leave any "Happy Thanksgiving" or " Damn the Lions/Raiders suck!!" comments, or leave any predictions as I'm about to. Here's my thoughts on the day:

Packers at Lions: Ever since I've grown up I've remembered watching the Lions play on thanksgiving so I'm not one of the fans opposed to watching them on this day. I know  a lot of fans want to see their team play but that's what the NFLN game is for. Plus it's tradition. As far as the game, we will likely not see Matthew Stafford start and will it really make a difference? I expect the the Packers to stuff the score and Aaron Rodgers will carve up the Lions secondary like a...well, you know. Packers 28, Lions 13

Raiders at Cowboys: Another traditional Thanksgiving team that will be playing today is the Dallas Cowboys. America's team has been anemic on offense lately, but I would expect that to change with the Raiders coming to town. Luckily, we don't have to see JaMarcus Russell play, but I still expect the Boys to beat the Raiders like a drumstick until there's gravy bleeding out their ears. Cowboys 24, Raiders 14.

Giants at Broncos: Now the excitement of a competitive game hits, as the reeling Denver Broncos take on a Giants team trying to reclaim first place in their division. Both teams are in similar situations, as the Broncos have admittedly cooled off after starting 6-0, and have lost their past 4 games along with the division lead. The Giants started off 5-0, only to lose 4 in a row as well. Both teams will be fighting for the win just as you may fight over the last piece of pumpkin pie with a family member(ok I know that one was corny but that's all I had left). Giants 33, Broncos 30.

Hope everyone has a good day and we'll get back to reality later when we starting previewing the upcoming game between the Cardinals and Titans. On a final question - what are you thankful for today? I'll start with a 7-3 record.