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Who Would You Take From The Tennessee Titans?

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Although it's a holiday, we never stop discussing Cardinal-football and that's what lead me to the next question - who would you take from the Tennessee Titans? It's a question we've been asking every week when the Cardinals play, and this week is no different - so make your selection. It can be a young or older player, a starter or a back up, etc. You can also take their current contract status into consideration, as if we were actually signing the player. Also look at who may be leaving our team after this season. Don't let the 0-6 start fool you, this team has talent, starting at offensive tackle.

Michael Roos, T: An offensive lineman I would love to see in Cardinal red is Roos. He's only 27 years old and would be a dominant force on the outside of the offensive line. He's also a very good pass protector but he can obviously run-block like the best of them - just look at Chris Johnson's production. With Mike Gandy uncertain to return next year and the lack of production by Levi Brown, the Cardinals would be grateful to pick up Roos.

Chris Johnson, RB: Even with the emergence of the Cardinals rushing attack, who in their right mind would  pass up on Chris Johnson? As he stated, he's every coach's dream, and I'll add that he's every fan's dream. Johnson is already on pace to break the single season rushing record set by Eric Dickerson, and started doing it on an 0-6 team. He's got explosive speed and is a threat break a long run no matter what defense he's lining up against. He's also a capable receiver and can be an every-down back.

Kevin Mawae, C: Kevin may be 38 years old but he's still one of the best centers in the league. The leadership he brings to the offensive line is unmatched and if he had one good season left in him he'd be a great addition to the Cardinals offensive line.

Bo Scaife, TE: Scaife is one of the more underrated tight ends in the league and has had a down year for obvious reasons, but don't let that fool you, he's a gamer. In the previous two years he had a combined 104 catches for 982 yards and 3 touchdowns. If he was to play for a pass-happy team like the Cardinals, his production would fly.

If the Cardinals could make these picks happen, they would feature one of the more elite teams in the league. What picks would you make from the Titans?