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Antrel Rolle Discusses Chris Johnson And More

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From Antrel Rolle'slatest blog entry, he discusses beating the Rams and Kurt Warner's injury. He also talks about the Titans, Vince Young, his Thanksgiving, and Chris Johnson.

We know we have to try to slow down Chris Johnson. If he's not the best back in the league right now then he's way up there near the top. He's just outstanding. He plays really mature despite the fact that it's just his second year in the league. I don't know him too well personally, but he seems like he's real humble and goes about things the right way. He's carrying that team on his back right now and it's up to us to run to the ball and take good angles when he has it. You can never assume he's down because he's real shifty and you won't catch him from behind. 

Rolle will have his hands full tomorrow and will likely need to step up more then he's used to with Vince Young and Chris Johnson on the field. The Cardinals play the Titans at 4:15 PM ET tomorrow on FOX.