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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Week 8

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As tough as it is to write this story, an old saying says that "the show must go on". The Cardinals lost, and that can't be changed. After falling to the Panthers 34-21, the Cardinals showcased to their home crowd that they don't deserve any national recognition just yet. There were some bright spots however, and that's what we'll look at today.

Tim Hightower - Hightower is starting to show that he can handle multiple responsibilities on offense. Hightower ran the ball 8 times for 39 yards, and also ran in a touchdown. He led the team with 8 catches for 57 yards as well. Even in his second year, Hightower looks like a veteran at times, which isn't a fair expectation for him. However, he's handled it impressively and has shown he can be a leader on the sidelines as well.

Ben Patrick - Patrick continues to impress, showing that he was widely missed while he served a four game suspension to start the year. Patrick caught only two passes on Sunday, but one was a touchdown that brought the Panther lead down to 14 points. Patrick has really made his mark in the blocking department, helping keep Warner safe and support the offensive tackles.

Karlos Dansby - Dansby led the team with 12 tackles and did his best to weather the storm in the second half. Dansby is showing that he is the leader of the defense and that he will be an important piece to keep when the off season comes around next year.

Chike Okeafor - When the Panthers weren't running the ball, Okeafor was disrupting passes and making Delhomme uncomfortable in the pocket. Okeafor was at the end of the only sack by the Cardinals defense, and also knocked down Jake Delhomme two times.

That's it folks. Like I said, I didn't want to post the COTW, but it's always harder when the Cardinals lose. As always, if you feel anyone should be added to the list, just drop a comment with who and why.