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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 8

The "Take one step forward, take two steps back" edition. 

Just when the Arizona Cardinals starting making grounds in the power rankings and started to gain some good ole nation recognition, they show why most critics were doubting them in the first place. After being in the top 10 of most power rankings last week, the Cardinals take a grand fall and average the week at 13.

ESPN - 13

The Cardinals take a 3-0 road record to Soldier Field, where a victory would help their cause immensely. (Sando)

Yahoo  - 11

When Kurt Warner shook hands with old NFL Europe teammate Jake Delhomme before Sunday’s game, did he catch the Turnover Flu from the Carolina QB? - 16

Pro Football Weekly - 14

Kurt Warner turned in a positively Delhommian performance.

Sports Illustrated - 13

The Cardinals just aren't getting the same Larry Fitzgerald who took over the league last year. He's averaging almost five yards fewer per catch this season (10.8 compared to 15.4) though seven games, and doesn't have a reception for more than 27 yards, after racking up 10 games last season in which he caught at least one pass for 30 yards or longer. But that's far from the whole story behind Arizona's uneven season. The Cardinals suddenly can't win at home, losing three of their first four after winning eight times in 10 games there last season.

CBS - 11

Can anybody figure this team out? They play well on the road and stink it up at home. Good thing they're on the road this week.

FOX - 17

The Arizona Cardinals are officially on Power Rankings probation. From this point forward, unless the team strings either 2-3 wins or losses together, this frustrating Jekyll-and-Hyde team will be placed right in the middle of the rankings, period.

What If Sports - 18

Yahoo Team Ranker - 11

Sporting News - 12

More up and down than a pogo stick. Anemic ground attack remains an issue.

Walter Football - 10

My theory on how the Panthers beat the Cardinals by 13: Kurt Warner and Jake Delhomme decided to dress up as each other on Halloween. Delhomme, posing as Warner, tossed five picks and fumbled once. Warner, wearing a Delhomme costume, didn't have to post monster numbers because his running game was working well for the first time ever. Tell me that this doesn't make sense. In fact, it even sounds like the plot of a dumb ABC Family movie. All it's missing is some fat 12-year-old kid who's in the flick solely for comedy relief.

ROTB Collective Rankings

  1. Cardinals
  2. Panthers