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Exclusive ROTB Interview: Five Questions with Antrel Rolle

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Recently, I was able to sit down and chat with Arizona Cardinals free safety, Antrel Rolle. Rolle, who is a former first round pick out of Miami by the Arizona Cardinals in 2005, started his career at cornerback and has since moved to free safety. At the midpoint of last season, Antrel found his groove at the position, and has greatly improved since then. This year, he's turned into one of the better play makers at free safety, and hopes to lead the Cardinals defense to the playoffs. Antrel was nice enough to take some time out of his schedule(especially in the middle of the season) to sit down and talk with us, so thank you Antrel.

1. First off, what has been the biggest adjustment moving from cornerback to free safety?

Open-field tackling has been a big difference, learning to take good angles to the ball and just focusing on the whole field rather than just your man like you do as a corner.


2. What have you been able to learn from Adrian Wilson? And do you feel that both of you are one of the most dynamic safety duos in the league?

I have learned a lot watching him (Adrian Wilson). I learned how to play the run and different route combinations and knowing where to go at all times. He's a smart player and a student of the game and I think we benefit each other. I think we are without question one of the best safety duos in the league. We can both play all over the field.


3. We all know that once the ball is in your hands there's a serious threat of it be returned for a touchdown. What makes you so dangerous with the ball?

I've been a return guy all my life. I was an offensive guy up until I got to the NFL. It's just something that I was born with. I feel like whenever I have the ball that I can do something with it.

4. How much of a factor was a Super Bowl appearance for this team?

Getting to the Super Bowl was great for our organization. We worked hard for it and it's something that we can use as a great confidence booster for this year and in the future.

5. Next year could be a contract year for you and it's thought that a deal may get done then. What are your thoughts about resigning with the Cardinals? 

I don't really worry too much about contract issues. It's up to the Cardinals. I love my teammates, the fans and the organization, but I know it's a business and things might not always go my way.

Again, big thanks to Antrel for taking the time to talk to your very own Revenge of the Birds. Check out Antrel Rolle's blog(which you can see at, and for other NFL players information.