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Send This Arizona Cardinal to the Pro Bowl: Larry Fitzgerald

While he's having a down year by his standards, Larry Fitzgerald may be the only lock on the team to make the pro bowl this year. Larry Fitzgerald gained stardom throughout the playoffs last year, and shouldn't have problem appearing on ballots throughout the nation. He's quietly put together a solid season, and unfortunately he faces high expectations at times. Keep in mind that Fitzgerald is projected to finish the year with 107 catches for 1,163 yards and 11 touchdowns - not bad for having a "down" year. Add that to his work ethic, his leadership, and his commitment on the field and you have your ideal player to send to the pro bowl. Let's see how Larry stacks up to the competition.

Player Catches Yards TDs
1 Steve Smith(NY) 53 662 4
2 Sidney Rice 37 585 2
3 Marques Colston 36 551 6
4 Roddy White 37 543 6
5 Larry Fitzgerald 47 509 5

Looking at the list, the only big name players next to Fitzgerald are Colston and White. It's obvious that Larry hasn't put up the same numbers of his counterparts, but we're half way through the season and players can change. Other receivers can get cold, while Fitzgerald can equally get hot at a given time. The numbers will be there by the end of the season, and Larry Fitzgerald is one Cardinal that needs to represent them at the Pro Bowl. Go here to vote for Larry Fitzgerald and other Cardinals.