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Who Would You Take from the Chicago Bears?

Last week we started this segment, in which we would pick a player(s) from the opposing team for that given week. This week, we face the Chicago Bears and everybody now has a chance to pick who they would want from their team. It can be a young or new player, a starter or back up, etc. You can also take their current contract status into consideration, as if we were actually signing the player. Also look at who may be leaving our team after this season. Here are some players to consider.

Devin Hester, KR/PR - Notice how he would be a return man only. Obviously picking up Hester would be an addition to a return unit that hasn't had a dangerous threat from quite some time. We also wouldn't use him at wide out for obvious reasons, and with him taking kicks back, we would never be out of a game. Teams would have to gameplan around kicking the ball to him, and as we all know(from the MNF game in '06), he can be a game changer.

Jay Cutler, QB - Before we get into the Warner/Leinart debate, let me say that once Warner retires(which would be sometime soon) we'll need somebody at quarterback. Matt Leinart is the  primary candidate to replace Kurt, but Cutler has already become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. He has his struggles at times, but imagine pairing him with Fitz, then throw in Boldin and Breaston and Jay would have a lot of deep threats.

Matt Forte, RB - Forte is only in his second year and is already one of the top running backs in the league. Even behind a struggling offensive line, he's managed to produce solid numbers. He's an ideal back, getting the primary amount of carries, catching the ball, and being a leader on offense. He would also be a nice addition to our own young running backs.

Lance Briggs, LB -Briggs is still relatively young and one of the best linebackers in the league. With the possibility of Dansby leaving and our aging depth at linebacker already, he would add talent to a position that could make the defense even better.

Is there anybody that you would want from the Bears and why?