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ROTB War Room: Jay Cutler

In the Saturday edition of the ROTB War Room, will take a closer look at Jay Cutler's season. After a roller coaster off season, Jay Cutler found a new home in the city of Chicago. Cutler has had an up and down season to say the least, but is a threat any time he throws the ball. He's a threat to his team by the sheer chance of him throwing an interception, and a threat to the opposing defense because of is all around skills. Now, we'll look at who Jay Cutler has thrown against, and how he's played.

Week 1 vs. Green Bay - 17/36 277 Yards, 47.2 %, 1 TD, 4 INT, 43.2 rating - Result: Loss

Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh - 27/38 236 Yards, 71.1 %, 2 TD, 1 INT, 104.7 - Result: Win

Week 3 at Seattle - 21/27 247 yards, 77.8 %, 3 TD, 1 INT, 126.4 rating - Result: Win

Week 4 vs. Detroit - 18/28 141 yards, 64.3 %, 2 TD, 0 INT, 100.4 QB rating - Result:  Win

Week 6 at Atlanta - 27/43 300 yards, 62.8 %, 2 TD, 2 INT, 79.6 rating - Result: Loss

Week 7 at Cincinnati - 26/37 251 yards, 70.3 %, 1 TD, 3 INT, 64.1 rating - Result: Loss

Week 8 vs Cleveland - 17/30 225 yards, 56.7 %, 0 TD, 1 INT, 66.7 rating - Result: Win

Now let's take a look at the defenses he has faced, and how they stack up this season:

Green Bay: Are 9th in the league, allowing 184 passing yards a game. They're 26th in the league allowing 13 touchdowns, but have 11 interceptions which is the 4th most in the league. They feature pro bowl corners and are an athletic defense.

Pittsburgh: It should be mentioned that Troy Polumalu didn't play this game, allowing Cutler to air the ball out more. The Steelers have allowed only 9 passing touchdowns, which is the 9th best in the league. They are also allowing  214 pass yards a game, which is 16th in the league.

Seattle: Seattle had a banged up secondary this game, and are currently allowing 224(18th) passing yards a game, and have allowed 10 touchdowns, good for 16th in the league.

Detroit: The Lions remain having a terrible pass defense after their defeated season a year ago, and have given up 18 passing touchdowns, which is 31st in the league. They also allow 252 pass yards a game, good for 26th in the league.

Atlanta: The Falcons have a young inexperienced secondary, who currently allow 256 passing yards a game, which is 31st in the league. They've also given up 10 passing touchdowns, tying them for 16th overall. Atlanta has had problems defending the pass all season.

Cincinnati: Another young secondary in the Bengals, allow 253 pass yards a game, which ranks them 30th overall, and have allowed 10 pass touchdowns, tying them with Atlanta and Seattle. Pressue on Cutler was key to this game, as the Bears offense only scored 10 points.

Cleveland: The most recent team Cutler has faced is the porous Browns. The Browns have allowed a 239 passing yard average(24th), and have given up 10 touchdowns as well. Right now any team could beat the Browns.

Final Thought: While Jay Cutler may seem like a top 10 quarterback in some eyes, the defenses he's faced have been some of the worst in the league. 16th, 18th, 26th, 31st, 30th, and 24th are some of the passing defenses he's faced this year. All four of Chicago's wins have come against some of the worst passing defenses in the league and a Steelers defense without Polumalu. The Cardinals currently rank 20th in the league, allowing 233 passing yards per game, and have allowed 11 passing touchdowns, which is tied for 20th. If the Cardinals can pressure Jay Cutler enough to force him to make ill-advised throws, they'll have a much better chance of winning this game.