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The Saturday Sim: Cardinals-Bears

Warner couldn't escape his dreadful performance from last week.
Warner couldn't escape his dreadful performance from last week.

Ok so it technically wasn't posted right on Saturday, but I finally go the simulation between the Bears and Cardinals done, and let me tell you, it was tough to watch(you'll find out why in a moment). Before I break down the simulation, for those of you who aren't familiar with this, I simulate a game between the Cardinals and their opponent for that given week on the popular game known as Madden. I set it for All Madden difficulty, 8 minute quarters, with a 15 second run off. Then I post the results here. So far Madden has simulated the Cardinals to be perfect, but will that continue today?

First Quarter

The Cardinals  receive the ball, and immediately start throwing to their receivers. Unfortunately, Kurt Warner throws one of those passes to Bears cornerback, Charles Tillman- Bears ball. On the Bears first drive, the Cardinals defense pressures Cutler right away, and Calais Campbell comes away with a sack. The Bears are forced to punt. The Cardinals start their next drive throwing the ball frequently again. After a Reggie Wells holding call, Warner throws a nice 42 yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. Warner looks better on this drive, until I speak to soon and he throws a pick again to Charles Tillman in the red zone. The Cardinals stifle the Bears again, who then punt the ball back to the Cardinals. After a few successful passes, the Cardinals in the 1st quarter in the red zone. It's an exciting first quarter, 0-0

Second Quarter

The Cardinals open the quarter by Kurt Warner throwing a touchdown for 6 yards to Steve Breaston!!! 7-0 Cardinals.

On the Bears next drive, they finally get a first down for the game. They can't keep that trend alive as Calais Campbell gets his second sack of the game. On the punt return, Steve Breaston can't hold onto the ball, and the Bears recover. The Cardinals challenge but lose. They continue to lose when Cutler throws a 5 yard pass to Matt Forte to tie the game. 7-7.

The Cardinals open their next drive with a run, their 1st of the game. After that, they must punt to the Bears and the Bears have to punt back. The Cardinals march down to the Bears end zone, but they can't punch it in, and settle for a field goal. At this point, Kurt Warner has already thrown 24 pass attempts. 10-7 Cardinals

The Bears hurry up with under a minute. Jay Cutler doesn't get pressured, and the Bears get a field goal to tie the game at 10. 10-10

Third Quarter

The Bears open the 2nd half running the ball more. At mid field Hester receives a catch and fumbles, in which the Cardinals recover. Kurt Warner leads the offense down the field, throwing passes better then earlier. Unfortunately, he throws a pass straight to Daniel Manning, who then returns the ball for a pick six. 17-10 Bears.

Kurt Warner and the offense immediately get back to business, airing the ball out with a 30 yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. In the Bears end zone, Kurt Warner throws another interception to Charles Tillman, his fourth of the game. Ouch!!

The Bears continue running the ball better, and Devin Hester breaks a 36 yard catch to get the Bears into Cardinals territory. At the goal line, the Cardinals defense stuffs three running attempts, forcing the Bears to settle for a field goal. 20-10 Bears

Fourth Quarter

The Cardinals open the final quarter, passing the ball more. They aren't running a hurry up,and attempt to even run the ball a few times. After a Kurt Warner sack, the Cardinals face third and long. Kurt Warner confusingly dumps the ball off, which isn't enough for the first down. Cards punt the ball.

The Bears primarily run, and are able to take the time down to the 2 minute warning, and force the Cardinals to use all three timeouts. There, the Bears are able to kick in a 50 yard field goal. Bears lead 23-17.

With under two minutes left, the Cardinals play hurry up. After three incomplete passes, the Cardinals complete a fourth down pass to Early Doucet. Kurt Warner continues to throw dump off passes, and the Cardinals eventually run out of time. Cardinals lose 10-23.

The Stats

Cardinals Bears
Total 387 235
Pass 376 163
Rush 11 72
19 12
4-9(44%) 1-7(14%)
TOP 18:40 13:20

comp/att Yards TD INT Rate
Warner 32/46(69%) 384 1 4 65.8
Cutler 13/18(72%) 178 1 0 122.0

Att Yards Avg TD
Hightower 3 8 2.6 0
Forte 16 61 3.8 0

Rec Yards Avg TD
Fitzgerald 5 114 22.8 0
Boldin 5 66 13.2 0
Breaston 6 74 12.3 0
Hester 7 113 16.1 0
Forte 2 21 10.5 1
Davis 1 23 23.0 0

Final Thought

It's an unsettling loss that I hope does not happen this week. Kurt Warner would also not want to have a game like this if he wants to continue being the starter. One thing that the computer can't take into hand is that the Cardinals are a better road team, and I think that will be the difference. What are your thoughts on the simulation?