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Post Game Reaction: Kurt Warner Has Ice Water in Veins, Cardinals win 41-21

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The headline should say it all - Kurt Warner and the Cardinals continue to roll on the road. They've now won four straight road games, defeating quality opponents at that. Kurt Warner is a cold blooded quarterback, as he's dismantled teams and played significantly better in opposing teams stadiums this year. The defense did what they had to do and if it weren't for a Matt Leinart interception, the Bears may have only scored 14 points. We'll break down the game more during the week but for now let's look at some positives and the few negatives.

The Positives

- Kurt Warner dominated the Bears defense, scoring 4 out of his 5 touchdowns in his first half. I won't give any names, but I'm thinking he might have seen some of the negativity on this site. Kurt Warner showed that he can surely bounce back from a bad game, and lead this team on the road once again.

- The running game did their job and produced solid numbers against the Bears defense. They amassed 182 rushing yards on the ground, making it easily their season high. The combination of Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower are proving to be successful.

- Aside from the Matt Leinart turnover, the Cardinals played virtually mistake free and only committed 2 penalties for 15 yards. This kind of football is something the Cardinals need to continue the rest of the season.

- The defense only allowed 70 rushing yards, a number that is sure to lower their defensive average.

- The 49ers lost to the Titans, making that four straight losses and dropping their record to 3-5. The Cardinals also get to return home to face the lowly Seahawks next Sunday.


The Negatives

- Matt Leinart had one opportunity to play a significant amount of time and blew it. He had one pass attempt that was picked off and would later set up a Bears touchdown.

- The Cardinals pass defense allowed 369 passing yards, a number that can be misleading due to the Bears lack of a rushing game. The Cardinals will need to buckle their pass defense down with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers coming to Arizona later in the year.

- Anquan Boldindidn't suit up for the game, a choice that was apparently not his. He stated after the game that he was warming up on the field and returned to the locker room to find his stuff gone. He stated he was never told he wouldn't play today, and that nobody was "man enough" to tell him. Whether or not he was treated fairly, those are never words you want to hear from one of your star players.

- Tight end coverage continues to be a problem. The Cardinals already have an aging linebacking corps, and continue to get hurt by good receiving tight ends. Greg Olsen had three receiving touchdowns, easily a career high.

Final Thought

One thing's for sure, and that's how easy it is to write about the Cardinals after a good win. They dominated for the most part of the game, and are continuing to improve in all fazes of the game. I'm sure I speak for many when I say, can the Cardinals play all of their games on the road? What are your thoughts on the game?