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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Week 9

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After the Cardinals impressive win over the Chicago Bears yesterday, I can say with confidence that it's much easier to post the Cardinal of the week. Let me get back to the painful loss last week one more time to congratulate Tim Hightower for winning last week's COTW. Sunday, the Cardinals quite possibly played their best offensive game of the season, and there were many players that stepped up to lead their team to a 4-0 start on the road. It shouldn't be shocking that all the candidates are on offense, starting with the player that had a monster game.

Kurt Warner - Is this really a contest? Kurt Warner easily redeemed himself for his awful performance last week. He tied a franchise single game record with five touchdowns, and eventually led the Cardinals to 41 points on Sunday. If Warner can keep up this pace, the Cardinals shouldn't have a problem hanging with any teams in the league.

Larry Fitzgerald - We saw the Fitzgerald of last year on Sunday. Fitz caught two touchdowns in the win, and more importantly 123 receiving yards, a season high. Larry was at the end of several first downs, and appeared to be unstoppable at times lining up against Charles Tillman.

Steve Breaston - Breaston did a solid job starting next to Fitzgerald in the absense of Anquan Boldin. He had a good game and even caught a touchdown late to ice the game. Breaston also added 25 yards to the rushing total, and was dependable once again with punt return duties.

Tim Hightower - I thought about naming Beanie as well but when it came down to it, Tim has a wider variety of skills, and that has been the determining factor this season keeping him the starter. Hightower can catch out of the backfield, and is also an important piece in pass protection.

When it came down to it, nobody on the defense did enough to stand out. As a whole, they did get pressure on Jay Cutler and forced a turnover, but they also allowed 369 passing yards and almost let the game get close. As always, if you feel anybody should be added to the list, just drop a comment listing who and why. Who did you vote for?