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Arizona Cardinals News: Kurt Warner Consults an Eye Specialist

Arizona Cardinals' QB Kurt Warner said he plans to see an ophthalmologist about lingering post-concussion symptoms continue to effect his vision. Warner missed Sunday's loss to the Titans, breaking his consecutive games played streak at 41, and he admitted that the problems are "hard to describe." While he said that he could see, he's having some issues with a "fogginess" in his vision and an unusual sensitivity to light.

"It's not a visual issue where I'm foggy, where I can't see or I can't focus on something," he said, "but there's a fogginess that's kind of in and behind my eyes, or on top of my eyes. It's something that's just not right. It's just not normal.....Everything I look at there's kind of a shadow that kind of follows it that's different than normal," he said. "But this other feeling that I've tried to explain and nobody can really grasp what it is, I don't know if it's necessarily related to that light sensitivity."

To further cloud the issue, Warner said that he's not entirely sure that his vision problems are related to his recent concussion but he continues to be optimistic about his chances of playing this Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings. At this point Warner is on a day-to-day basis but it's important to remember that he practiced all of last week and passed all of the necessary neurological tests leading up to the game, so these vision problems will have to subside before he steps back onto the field.

At this point Ken Whisenhunt isn't sure exactly how he'll split up the reps in practice but he certainly left open the possibility of Matt Leinart getting more time with the starters this week.