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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Leinart vs. Warner Edition

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Naturally most of the talk surrounding the Arizona Cardinals right now centers on the vision (or lack thereof) of Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart performance in his first start since 2007. It's worth mentioning that at this point any talk of who's going to start at QB this Sunday is pure speculation but here's all of the Cardinals-related chatter out there.

  • Day Ater From Whiz - Urban wraps up Whisenhunt's day after press conference with a look at a couple injuries (Tim Hightower, Mike Gandy and Karlos Dansby) and says that Whiz is still happy having a two game lead with five to play.
  • How I See It: NFC West Stock Watch - Matt Leinart and LaRod Stephens-Howling are on the rise while DC Bill Davis is on the decline.
  • Where they rank on defense: Week 12 - Sando takes a look at where each NFC West defense ranks in various categories. For all their shortcomings, the Cardinals are still 13th in points per game.
  • Where they rank on offense: Week 12 - Sando takes a look at where each NFC West offense ranks in various categories. For what's it's worth the Cardinals are simply dominant in the red zone and that's a big reason why they're still 10th in points per game. 
  • Peter King's MMQB - King looks rather poetically at the final play of the Titans/Cards game and also touches on the concussion situations with both Ben Roethlisberger and Warner. He even goes as far as to suggest that a couple of years ago, before the increased awareness of head trauma, both guys would have probably started for their respective teams. Can't say I disagree.
  • Arizona Cardinals Football Team Report - The Cardinals might not be sure if Matt Leinart is their quarterback of the future, but they know now he at least can effectively replace Kurt Warner in the short term.
  • Football Outsiders Chat During the Game - The site Football Outsiders has a cool weekly segment where they chat during the games and then post the transcipts. It's interesting to see the analysis of Leinart's day (very good versus zone but struggles against man coverage) and this line was almost comical (if the loss didn't still sting, I might have actually laughed).

Vince Young is inching the Titans down the field, scrambling for time and converting fourth downs. Cut to Leinart on the sideline, on one knee, hand covering his mouth, facial and body language screaming "NOT AGAIN."


  • Cardinals need to focus on Vikings - Cardinals need to focus on Vikings, The Cardinals will try to stick to their coach's 24-hour policy and move on following Sunday's loss.
  • Playoff Picture 2009 - takes a early glimpse at the NFL playoff picture. Spoiler Alert: The Cards would host the Packers if the season ended today, meaning we'd have back to back games against them, both of which would be played in Arizona. Weird.
  • (From the "WTH" Folder) Twitter / Adam Schefter - Schefter broke the news via his twitter account that former Cardinals' DE/OLB Travis LaBoy was suspended four games. Suspension will begin immediately and will last until NFL reinstates LaBoy. Since he's not currently signed by any team, I'd assume that this is basically a four week suspension from nothing. Maybe they'll disconnect his NFL Sunday Ticket.