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Revenge of the Birds Transition

I'm sure that most of you have realized over the last couple of months that there's recently been a transition in writing here at RotB. Charles Golden was our lead blogger for nearly two years and did a lot more for Revenge of the Birds then most of you realize. The site was in shambles when he took over (Hawk would refer to it as a one-man tea party during game day threads) and has improved dramatically under his guidance both in content and participation by Cardinals fans such as yourselves.  Charles wanted everyone to know that he enjoyed his time leading RotB and still loves the Cardinals, but just doesn't have the time to write full time. 

For the last few months I have taken over most of the writing responsibilities (if you haven't noticed) and this past week we officially made the change with the SBNation network. As I take over as the lead blogger there shouldn't be too many noticeable changesOne thing I do prefer though is to be on a set schedule and post certain stories every week (CotW, Grades, Keys to the Game, etc). I'll also start improving the layout and introducing new segments.  I'll do everything I can to make RotB the best place for you to enjoy reading on all things Arizona Cardinals.  In addition to that, Pyromnc, Cardsfan08, and Hawkwind will continue writing and editing for the site and helping out just as they always have.

I'd also like to use this time to see if anyone was interested in writing about the Cardinals here at RotB. You are welcome to create your own weekly segment or just write about anything at anytime. The more fan input the better as has been the case with SBNation from the beginning. If you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail at Thank you.