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Antrel Rolle and Bryant McFadden Talk About the 49ers

On their respective blogs, free safety Antrel Rolle and cornerback Bryant McFadden talk about the upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. Rolle's first up as he talks about the loss to the Titans(which he admits he almost had 3 picks on the last drive), the victory against the Vikings, and the game against the 49ers on Monday night: 

In week 1 we lost a game to the 49ers that we feel we should have won, so it will be important to go into SF and take this one. They lost a tough game last week, but they are not a team that is gonna lay down for us. It will be a fight like it always is against them. The fact that it's a Monday night game adds a little flavor because you know everybody is watching you, but we have to treat it like just another game.

Bryant talks about the Vikings game, concluding that the Cardinals offense is unbelievable when they are completely healthy and that Steve Breaston would be a #1 receiver on any other team - I agree. He also discusses the match up with the 49ers and that he is new to the rivalry, and doesn't even know how it started:

We know that their offense is more complete than it was back in week 1, so we will have to make sure we are ready for whatever it is they're going to do. It seems like we played them forever ago so we need to become familiar with their new style. I am new to this rivalry this year so I don't really know how it started or anything like that, but people told me before the first game that I needed to be ready for a physical game and that's what we got. I know they're not too fond of us and I expect the same type of game come Monday.

The Cardinals face the 49ers next Monday night on ESPN.