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Larry Fitzgerald to Have MRI and Other Arizona Cardinals Injury News

Not only did the Arizona Cardinals suffer an demoralizing loss at the hands of a division rival, San Francisco 49ers, they also took a beating during the game. Larry Fitzgerald missed most of the game, although he returned late in the game, with a knee injury and he'll have a MRI today. At this point the team is just being cautious with the MRI, but we all know that losing Fitz for any kind of playoff run would be devastating. The other significant injury involved Matt Ware, who was hurt on the opening kickoff and did not return. Ware is a key backup in the secondary and allows DC Bill Davis to use Adrian Wilson in many creative ways so we'll have to closely monitor his situation. If Ware were to miss significant time, or be done for the season, it would mean big things for Rashad Johnson. It'll be interesting to see if RJ, who has had trouble getting on the field during his rookie season, is ready for extended playing time or if the team will have to look elsewhere for a third safety.

The third injury from this game is still somewhat of an unknown. Mike Gandy came out of the game late in the third quarter but no one has confirmed if he left because of his injured hip or simply because he was playing very poorly. Either way it's probably fair to say that he'll be reavaluated this week and I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeremy Bridges in the starting lineup this Sunday when the Cards travel to Detriot.