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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 14

The power rankings are out and after not stepping off the plane in San Francisco it's fairly evident that the Cardinals would've slipped on most rankings. Last week the Cardinals recorded a season low 6.2, this week they drop 2 spots to an average ranking of 8.2.

ESPN - 8th

Bill Bidwill owns the Cardinals 363 days a year. The 49ers own them the other two days.

CBS - 8th

Inconsistency showed up again Monday night in their loss to the 49ers. Why does that always happen with this team?

Yahoo - 6th

Was this Red Hot Chili Peppers tune blasting in the visitors’ locker room at Candlestick Park before Monday night’s game – and did Ken Whisenhunt’s team leave the stadium with strategically placed socks on their person?



Sporting News - 10th

They should still win the NFC West, despite their two losses to the 49ers.

FOX - 9th

Unbelievable. We told you weeks back that we wouldn't believe in the Cards unless they won more than a game or two in a row. So at 8-4 last week after beating the Vikings, I wrote: "With fear of future regret, it's time to believe in the Cardinals again." Regret, nice to see you again.

What If Sports - 9th

Walter Football - 7th

Don't be down on the Cardinals because of this loss though. Coming off a big win against the Vikings, this game meant nothing to them. They've shown in the past that they tend to slack off toward the end of the year when they don't need a victory. Conversely, this contest meant everything to the 49ers. This was their opportunity to show the world that they're legit. They were playing in their first Monday night home game in three years. This was just their night.

NFL - 8th

Yahoo Team Ranker - 8th

USA Today - 7th

NFL Fanhouse - 11th

Fresh off a beatdown of Minnesota in prime time, the Cardinals laid one of the biggest eggs of their season in getting blown out by the 49ers. Remember, if SF hadn't choked against Seattle, this game might have actually mattered. I'm not saying I want the tectonic plates to hurry up and start shifting so the West Coast falls into the Pacific Ocean, but it certainly would be better for football.

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