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Revisiting the Arizona Cardinals Past With The Detroit Lions

Before the last two seasons the Cardinals had made it a regular occurrence to face the Detroit Lions during the regular season. From 2001-2007 the Cardinals and Lions have squared off with the average score being Cardinals 24.7, Lions 26.5. The Cardinals have currently lost 2 of 3 and face the Lions who have only won 3 out of the last 34 games. Let's take a look down memory lane to see the Cardinals previous 6 games with the Lions.

Dec 8th, 2002: Cardinals 23, Lions 20

It was a game between two losers, as the 3-9 Lions traveled to Arizona to face the 4-8 Cardinals. It wasn't the most exciting of games but it did involve a 4th quarter comeback by Jake Plummer. The game went to OT where Robert Porcher recorded a QB hit that was intercepted by Chris Claiborne who returned it 30 yards into FG position. A facemask penalty was called on Porcher and Cardinals TE Freddie Jones, making the penalties offset and both teams replayed the down. The Cardinals got into FG range where they eventually kicked the FG for the win in OT.

Sep 7th, 2003: Cardinals 24, Lions 42

The Cardinals opened the season at Detroit, where rookie Anquan Boldin made a name for himself setting rookie debut records with 10 catches and 217 yards. The new-look Cardinals featuring Jeff Blake and Emmitt Smith weren't enough for the Lions high-scoring offense. The Cardinals turned the ball over 3 times and Joey Harrington threw 4 touchdowns which eventually set the tone for the Cardinals 4-12 season.

Dec 5th, 2004: Cardinals 12, Lions 26

The Cardinals traveled to Detroit for the 2nd year in a row, where Cardinals fans were waiting to see what 7th round pick John Navarre would do at quarterback. That question was answered when he threw 4 interceptions in the first game of his career. The part that hurt more was that the Lions had lost 5 in a row before this game and many thought the Cardinals would be favored to win. That turned out to be wrong when Lions rookie running back Kevin Jones ran for 196 yards - ouch.

Nov 13th, 2005: Cardinals 21, Lions 29

At Detroit, the Cardinals were once again not able to beat the lowly Lions who were currently on another losing skid(2). Kurt Warner started in place of Josh McCown, and threw for 359 yards, but only had 1 touchdown on the day. The Cardinals could only run for 38 yards and scored their 1st rushing touchdown of the season, while allowing 157 rushing yards to the Lions. This was the Cardinals third straight loss at Detroit and was their last appearence there until this season.

Nov 19th, 2006: Cardinals 17, Lions 10

The Cardinals played the Lions for the first time at University of Phoenix stadium with rookie Matt Leinart at quarterback getting his first NFL win. Leinart threw 233 yards and 1 touchdown while also running in a touchdown. The Cardinals were on their own 8 game losing streak and getting this win helped them revive their season and make the playoffs break their 3 game losing streak to the Lions and finish the season 5-11.

Nov 11th, 2007: Cardinals 31, Lions 21

Yours truly attended this game to watch the Cardinals lay a beating on the Lions after making their previous five games too close. Kurt Warner had 259 passing yards and 3 touchdowns as the Cardinals out-gained the Lions 319-245 in total yards. The Cardinals held the Lions to -18 rushing yards while forcing 5 turnovers in what would be the last time these two teams met.

If you're noticing a tendency here it's that the Cardinals haven't won in Detroit in this past decade no matter how bad the Lions have been. Obviously the Cardinals should be tremendously favored to win the game, but after the ugly loss we were forced to watch last week, who knows which Cardinals team will show up on Sunday.