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Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart Split Reps in Practice 50/50

The good news is that Kurt Warner says the foggy vision, residual effects from a concussion sustained against the Rams, is gone now . The better news is that he and Matt Leinart still split reps 50/50 at practice just in case Warner isn't ready for Sunday nights matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. Ken Whisenhunt is taking a more cautious route this week after Warner took all of the reps last week but Warner is optimistic about playing this week.

News that isn't so good is that Mike Gandy is in jeporady of missing Sunday's game, which means that Jeremy Bridges will likely start in his place. To make matters even more interesting, Levi Brown also took reps at left tackle, in the event that Bridges goes down during the game. The last domino effected will be Brandon Keith who would step in at right tackle if Brown moves over (so needless to say he'll be active for the first time this year). Will Davis and Stephen Spach also missed practice while Tim Hightower, Bryant McFadden, Kenny Iwebema and Neil Rackers were all limited. Karlos Dansby, despite nursing injuries in both shoulders, fully participated in practice.