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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 12

The power rankings from around the web are in and as you can probably imagine, the Cardinals have slipped a bit. After recording their season low in power rankings last week(7.0), they now average out the week at 9.8. Do the Cardinals have what it takes to beat the Vikings on Sunday night to boost their rankings next week?

ESPN - 8th

Matt Leinart played pretty well against the Titans, but the Cardinals need Kurt Warner back ASAP. (Sando)

Yahoo - 7th

If Kurt Warner's light sensitivity persists, should Cardinals fans cover their eyes next Sunday night against the Vikings?

FOX - 11th

Take away a kickoff return TD against the Titans, and the high-powered Cardinals offense has scored 10 points in six quarters with Matt Leinart at quarterback. Get well, Mr. Warner. 

NFL - 10th

Pro Football Weekly - 9th

Darnell Dockett's huge game overshadowed.

\What If Sports - 13th

Sporting News - 9th

QB Kurt Warner remains their offensive catalyst; they need him back to wrap up NFC West.

CBS - 11th

The division race tightened up with that loss to the Titans, and now they have a huge game with the Vikings. They have to be careful of San Francisco creeping back into it.

NFL Fanhouse - 11th

It could be easy to freak out over the last-second Titans win on Sunday, but everyone knows that Matt Leinart can't beat Vince Young! COME ON. No, seriously, Kurt Warner should be fine and Leinart actually looks, um, er, not as bad as Chris Simms? (What? It counts as a compliment. Kind of.) Anyway, they should still be on cruise control; even presuming they lose to Minny next week, worst case is it all comes down to their matchup against the Niners in two weeks.