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Arizona Cardinals Are NFC West Division Champions

Soak it up guys - our Arizona Cardinals became the NFC West division champs for the second year in a row after the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-13. With the win over the Lions today, the Cardinals now stand at 9-5 and will host a wild card team in the 1st round of the playoffs. Here are some notes:

- This season will mark the 2nd time the Cardinals have appeared in the playoffs in a row since the 1974-1975 seasons.

- This is also the first time the Cardinals have had positive records two seasons in a row since the 1983-1984 seasons.

- With the win today, Ken Whisenhunt recorded the 4th most wins for a coach in Cardinals history with 26 total wins.

- The Cardinals can still gun for the #3 seed in the playoffs if the Eagles lose their next two games and the Cardinals win theirs. In all likeness, the Cardinals will be the #4 seed and host the Green Bay Packers at home two weeks in a row.

Congratulations to the Cardinals and what are your thoughts on them become NFC West Champs?