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Cardinals Playoff Positioning Hinges On Week 16

There are currently two games left in the regular season and the Arizona Cardinals have already been crowned the NFC West division champions. As it stands now, they're currently the #4 seed and would host the #5 seed Green Bay Packers in the 1st round of the playoffs.

However, things don't always pan out how you would expect.

The current #2 seed is the Minnesota Vikings, and a month ago their 10-1 record seemed untouchable. Two stunning losses later and the Cardinals are suddenly back in the hunt. If Minnesota loses their next two games(@ Bears, Giants) and the Cardinals win out, the Cardinals would own the tie breaker. As long as Philadelphia loses their final game against Dallas, then the Cardinals would get the first round bye. It's a stretch to say the least but it's very well possible. After all, the ifs and maybes sounded ridiculous through last year's playoff run but somehow the Cardinals ended up getting the ideal scenario that got them the NFC championship game at home.

On the other hand, we can all assume that this is all false hope and that dream could never come true. Therefore, the Cardinals should beat the Rams, then rest their starters and seemingly lose to Green Bay the next week. The Cardinals would likely get the Packers in the 1st round, so I doubt Ken Whisenhunt wants to give too much away in a meaningless game anyway. The Cardinals get their 10 wins and make their 2nd run in the playoffs - end of story.

Either way you look at it, It's an interesting delimma the Cardinals face and I'd imagine we'll find out just how possible it is after this week. Watch for the Bears to upset the Vikings(first cold-weather game for the Vikings), and the Broncos/Eagles game(Good if Eagles lose, Cards still ok if Eagles win). What are your thoughts on the situation?