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Ken Whisenhunt Talks Cardinals Offensive Line

At his Monday press conference, Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt talked about several items, one being the status of the offensive line. On Sunday, they allowed two sacks that resulted in forced fumbles to a Rams defensive line that has been one of the worst (29th) in the league at pressuring the quarterback. The Cardinals offensive line has allowed 26 sacks on the year, which is currently tied for 7th best in the league. The Cardinals next opponent - the Green Bay Packers - have allowed a league-high 50 sacks.

"I think for the most part our line played a very good game yesterday. We had one or two plays on the edge with Jeremy and that's going to happen in a game. We will continue to work on correcting those things. Anytime you spread out like we do and expose the edge, you have to be aware those things can happen. It's a risk-reward thing.

"We just have to be a little more aware, like we did against Minnesota, that we give those guys some help in certain situations as far as chips or body presence. I'm not disappointed at all in the way those guys played.