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The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were

Well actually - they're not. But that's a phrase the Vikings locker room might be mumbling after the Bears stole the show on the last Monday night football game of the season. After watching the game tonight, I can conclude that the Bears are a very frustrating team to watch on offense. They're very conservative and play not to lose the game, but that's a whole different story. 

It took overtime, but the Bears beat the Vikings 36-30. How that's relavent to the Cardinals is playoff positioning. The Vikings loss puts the Cardinals one game back from the #2 seed - but they need some help. Here's what can happen week 16:

1. The Cardinals can clinch the #2 seed with a win over the Packers, and a Vikings and Eagles loss.

2. The Eagles control their own destiny and will clinch the #2 seed with a win.

3. The Cowboys need a win and a Cardinals and Vikings loss to get the #2 spot.

4. The Vikings can get the #2 seed back with a win and Eagles loss.

5. Finally, the Cardinals can at least get the #3 seed with a win and a Vikings and Cowboys loss.

The best-case scenario would be obviously getting the #2 seed. Getting the #3 seed would not help, because if the Cardinals win the first round against Dallas, they'd head to a cold Philadelphia to face the Eagles. What scenario would you prefer?