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Arizona Cardinals All-Red Jerseys A Better Fit

When the Arizona Cardinals committed six turnovers in the loss to the Carolina Panthers at home(week 8), Ken Whisenhunt knew there was a cause for change. They began the year 1-3 at home - a place where they had the best advantage in the NFC the last two seasons and throughout the playoffs last year. The Cardinals were obviously not the same team they were at home a season ago.

The Cardinals made a change, and first wore the alternate all-red jerseys when the Seattle Seahawks came to University of Phoenix Stadium back on November 15th. Call it what you want but while wearing the alternate colors, the Cardinals have been a different team, and haven't lost a game. In their first four games at home[without the all red look], the Cardinals were outscored 106-75, and the turnover differential was -9. Since they've made the change, they have scored over 30 points all three games and have held opponents to an average score of 15.6.

Cards(avg) Opp(avg) Pass(avg) Rush(avg) Forced TO TO W-L
Normal Jersey 18.7 26.5 270.0 62.0 3 12 1-3
All Red Jersey 30.6 15.6 307.3 115.0 8 2 3-0

Is this merely a coincidence or are the Cardinals actually a better team with the all-red look? It's certainly not inconceivable for the Cardinals to play better because they feel better wearing the jerseys. Perhaps change was good in this case and there isn't a need to switch back to the red and white jerseys.

The Cardinals players have expressed their pleasure with the jerseys, and I know I personally like the look better as well. As crazy as it sounds, Whisenhunt may be superstitious enough to keep the all-red look going for the remainder of the games played at home. Do you like the alternate jerseys better and does it make a difference in the Cardinals production at home?