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NFL Pro Bowl Selections Announced: Update

The Pro Bowl selections were announced on Tuesday, which you can see here. Four Cardinals will represent the NFC the week before the Super Bowl, but hopefully they won't be playing because they'll be in practice for the big game.

The No-Brainers

  • Larry Fitzgerald, WR: Fitz is currently tied for the league lead in touchdown receptions with 12. He's has been productive even in a down year, and has surpassed 1,000 receiving yards to lead the team. Only three other players had more votes then Fitzgerald...obvious choice here.
  • Adrian Wilson, SS: Wilson literally out-muscles the competition and puts the word "strong", in strong safety. Wilson recently became the 10th member of the 20 sack/20 interception club and is appearing in his 2nd straight and 3rd overall pro bowl.

The Surprises

  • Darnell Dockett, DT: I wouldn't call this a huge surprise to Cardinal fans, but many of us expected the Williams' wall or Albert Haynesworth to undeservedly get picked ahead of "Nine O". Dockett has been one of the biggest keys in the Cardinals defense and leads all defensive tackles with 7 sacks.
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB: This one is the big surprise. Even myself didn't expect DRC to make the cut. With Charles Woodson, Asante Samuel, and Antoine Winfield also in the NFC, I expected the 2nd year cornerback to at least be an alternate. That's not to say he's not deserving though. He's right up there in tackles, has many more passes defensed(25) then either of them, and is just as athletic. Way to go DRC.

The Snubs

  • Ben Graham, P: I won't say that Andy Lee isn't a good punter, but Graham deserves it more. He's extremely close in punting average, and has many more punts in the 20 with less touch backs. Graham hasn't had a touch back since week 5 and leads all punters with punts inside the opponents 20(39).
  • Antrel Rolle, FS: Okay, maybe this is all homer but I really think Rolle should've at least been a back up. Darren Sharper has obviously had the better year, but I think Rolle out-does Nick Collins. Rolle is just as good in coverage, but can actually blitz and make plays out of nothing in the open field.

The alternates:Kurt Warner, Levi Brown(really?), Ben Graham, Antrel Rolle, Sean Morey, and Neil Rackers

Although going from five pro bowlers to four in a year doesn't feel that great, the Cardinals that did make it are well deserving. After today, DRC may be making a bigger splash to the nation then we all thought. I do hope that Anquan Boldin not getting selected starts up a fire, even if it's a little one. What are your thoughts on the selections? Any surprises? Players that were robbed?