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Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals: Know Thy Enemy Edition.

The past few seasons the Minnesota Vikings had been one of the better teams in the NFL. They had drafted, traded for, and signed such star players as defensive end Jared Allen, runningback Adrian Peterson, and guard Steve Hutchinson. These players are among the best at their positions in the league and helped the Vikings become a playoff team, but they still lacked the one player that could put them over the top. That player would end up being quarterback Brett Favre.

Everyone knew that the Vikings were just a quarterback away from becoming a very scary team, and that is exactly what they have become since signing Brett Favre. He has leaded this team to a record of 10-1 and has done it in a way that most people did not figure he would do. Most people thought he would have a decent season but not a season in which could be considered his best season ever. The gunslinger has made a reputation of winning games with his amazing touchdowns but he has also made a reputation of turning the ball over (He holds the league record for most interceptions ever). This season he has just three interceptions, after a season in which he had 22. He has never had a season in which he had less than 13 interception, this year he is on pace to have just four. To go along with those three interceptions he has 24 touchdowns (8:1 touchdown to interception ratio), he had 22 all of last year. He is also on pace to have 35 touchdowns, he has not thrown that many touchdowns in 12 seasons. Based on how Favre as played this season and then add in Peterson, the Arizona Cardinals will have their hands full.

Last time the Cardinals faced a Brett Favre team, he owned them. He completed 24 of 34 passes (70.6 completion percentage) for 289 yards and 6 touchdowns. This has got to be a huge motivation for the Cardinals to try and stop Favre in this game on Sunday night. In order for them to get their revenge for what he did to them last season they will have to get pressure on him. Darnell Dockett has had a nice string of games of where he has compiled six total sack, and he will have to continue that in this game. If they can get pressure on him, it will make it easier for the secondary to cover his receivers and thus giving the offense a chance to keep this game close. Can the Cardinals contain the Vikings offense? Why or why not?