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JC Penney/Van Heusen Fans Choice Hall of Fame Voting

First off, this is not an ad, but is a post from our sponsors (JC Penney and Van Heusen).

The NFL's Hall of Fame induction is getting closer and more attention will be drawn to who will be selected on February 6th. At fans are given the opportunity to make their Hall of Fame selections. It's an interesting place to check out considering the actual selectors and fans don't see eye to eye for certain inductees (notice Ray Guy's vote total!).  It's also a quick way to see who's made the initial cut for selection. Here's some more info if you're unaware:

The Fan’s Choice campaign mirrors the Hall’s selection process and will name the first-ever Fan’s Choice Class live on the NFL Network in Miami on February 6, 2010, just prior to the official announcement from the Board.  Fans are encouraged to visit daily to vote for their favorites before the next Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee reduction vote to 15 modern-era finalists that will take place in January.

Head over to the site and cast your vote to be a part of the fans choice and voice your opinion as well. Names like Randall Cunningham, Phil Simms, Joe Theismann, and Sterling Sharpe were left off of the official selectors list, but it's not too late to add them to the fan's choice list. Here's more details on how it's going so far:

Fans and Board of Selectors don’t see eye-to-eye as they name their respective Top 25 candidates still in the running to become a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010 – most surprising, Selectors show no love for quarterbacks while the fans have 4 in their Top 25... The first-round of votes are in and fans cite 11 candidates that did NOT make the Board of Selectors list.  Close to 225,000 votes have been cast at