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Cardinals Game Plan Depends On A Vikings Loss

We all know the Cardinals have an outside shot at clinching the NFC's second seed in the playoffs this week. The Cardinals would earn the first round bye and avoid a chilly game at Philadelphia in the later rounds. It would also be a benefit to the Cardinals' health, considering they had their bye week early in the season during week four. Ken Whisenhunt stated today that he'd be open to playing more starters if the New York Giants are able to beat the Vikings three hours earlier on Sunday.

"It’s going to depend on what happens in the game before us, no doubt," Whisenhunt said. "We’ll obviously make some decisions based on how the Minnesota-Giants game goes, not only with the health of our players but certain other players. That will factor into it. You have to be smart in this game and make sure you err to the side of having a healthy team heading into the playoffs."

Should the Giants beat the VIkings, the Cardinals would then be relying on a Cowboys win over the Eagles. Obviously that game will take place the same time as the Cardinals game, and only we the fans will really now what's going on. If the Cowboys do win and the Cardinals take care of business at home, then they'd skip the first round of the playoffs. It's an interesting situation that the Cardinals are in, and the health of their players is very important. I trust that Ken Whisenhunt will make the right decision.