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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 13

The power rankings around the web are in and after the Cardinals impressive victory over the Minnesota Vikings, they seem to be making believers out of critics. The Cardinals fell down some power ranking lists(9.8 last week) after their loss to the Titans, but climbed back to the top and average the week with a 6.2, easily their highest average of the season.

ESPN - 6th

They are a Kurt Warner concussion and/or a 99-yard Vince Young drive away from being 6-0 on the road this season. (Sando)

Yahoo - 5th

What got devoured more quickly Sunday night – Larry Fitzgerald Sr.'s ice-cream sandwhich or Adrian Peterson on running plays?

FOX - 6th

With fear of future regret, it's time to believe in the Cardinals again. Now that they are finally playing consistently well — and not just vs. the NFC West — take them seriously.


CBS - 8th

They served notice to the rest of the NFL not to forget about them by beating the Vikings the way they did. The defense was impressive.

Walter Football - 6th

If I knew Kurt Warner was ready to go, I would have picked the Cardinals. I swear! The Vikings had a road game for the first time since Nov. 1 and had to travel all the way across the country. Arizona, meanwhile, wanted to make a statement by beating Minnesota.

Sports Illustrated - 6th

Sporting News - 6th

No longer just a finesse team, the Cardinals' defense and offensive line can bully opponents.

NFL Fanhouse - 8th

A shocking slam of the Vikings on Sunday Night Football pretty clearly establishes the Cards as legit this year, with the only possible worry for last year's NFC champs being the health of Kurt Warner. Given that they're straight-up cruising to the NFC West title at this point, it would be pretty shocking not to see a hefty dose of Matt Leinart for much of tte regular season. While no one wants Warner getting rusty, getting injured in a meaningless contest with nothing on the line would be far worse.

USA Today - 6th

NFL - 6th

Yahoo Team Ranker - 6th

Average Power Rankings By the Week:

Week 1: 16
Week 2: 15.1
Week 3: 15
Week 4: 18
Week 5: 18
Week 6: 13
Week 7: 9
Week 8: 13
Week 9: 10.9
Week 10: 8.4
Week 11: 7.0
Week 12: 9.8
Week 13: 6.2