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Arizona Cardinals Quick Hits

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Now that the off season has begun, there is a swirl of topics floating around the league these days. The free agency and draft are fast approaching and the Cardinals will have their hands full as soon as it begins. Here are some quick hits from around the web:

  • Kurt Warner's agent discusses that talks are close to beginning with the Cardinals organization about a possible contract for Kurt. He also states that Kurt just needed time to take a breather from the 2008 season.
  • Over at ESPN, Mike Sando talks about the Cardinals current salary cap, and how they can improve even more by releasing Edgerrin James.
  • On the NFL Network, Steve Wyche talked about the upcoming free agent market. He noted that the Cardinals might make a run for defensive end Julius Peppers, and how he would prefer the 3-4 defense. Just for the record, Peppers would be an OLB in a 3-4. He also examined how the Cardinals could land linebacker Bart Scott, but would probably lose Antonio Smith in the process. (Click on "Tuesday's Around the League" video to see)
  • Over at, they touched on a rumor that Anquan Boldin could get traded to the Jaguars for DT John Henderson with some draft picks thrown in the mix.
  • Darren Urban explains that Antrel Rolle's contract needs to be addressed this season because things could get potentially difficult in next year's off season.
  • At, it's been reported that former Cardinals safety, David Barrett, has been released by the New York Jets on Tuesday. In the story below, we addressed that the Cardinals need to bring in some depth at the safety position. This could be a possibility.