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Rod Graves Pours Water All Over the Arizona Cardinals Free Agent Fire

Darren Urban has an article today with several quotes from Arizona Cardinals' GM Rod Graves regarding the many decisions facing the front office this off season. Most of the story is exactly what you'd expect but at the end of the article, there is a short, two sentence paragraph that should cause all of us to tap the brakes a bit. While that paragraph doesn't include any quotes from Graves, it's still discouraging:

What the Cardinals probably won't do is chase big-name free agents on the market. Not only do the Cards want to spend most of their money on their current players, Graves also said the team has done well filling out its roster with lower-tier free agents, guys like defensive tackle Bryan Robinson, linebacker Clark Haggans and cornerback Rod Hood.

 While I know we're all on board with keeping guys like Karlos Dansby and Kurt Warner, it sounds like (at least for now) we can put the "Terrell Suggs" and/or "Julius Peppers" dreams to bed. Could this be just posturing by the organization to hide a much larger master plan? Sure, I guess it could, but I'll guess we'll know in a month or so.