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Arizona Cardinals News: Update on All Things Anquan Boldin Related

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I think it's fair to say that Anquan Boldin and his spat with the Arizona Cardinals management is going to be a focal point this off season. Some of the stuff is border line disturbing and some of the outlandish trade suggestions are almost laughable but either way this story doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. With that in mind, here's some Boldin related chatter around the web:

  • The biggest and possibly most troubling news is that Q's agent Snake in the Grass...err...Drew Rosenhaus sent an email to every team in the league with a list of his free agent clients, draft-eligble clients and three clients that he deemed 'trade-able." The three 'trade-able' players he listed were Anquan Boldin, Plaxico Burress and Chad Johnson (I don't know what's more troubling, this whole situation or the company that Q is keeping these days). Rosenhaus admitted that he didn't have permission to shop any of the three but isn't the damage already done at that point? Boldin3_medium
  • The National Football Post says that Boldin is a great player with a contract that favors the Cardinals. They say the Cardinals have no motivation to try and move Boldin and that his attempts to force a trade will be as futile as Chad Johnson's attempts were last year (another comparison that should make Q and his fans cringe).
  • Pro Football Talk says basically the same thing about Q's contract and how unmotivated the Cardinals seem to be about moving him but they take it one step farther. They suggest that the Cardinals should make Q play out his current contract and then franchise him after the 2010 season and trade him shortly there after. Wow, what a story line that would make in two years.
  • A Bleacher Report story suggests that Boldin's biggest problem isn't the Bidwells and their history of being.....uh...thrifty. They suggest that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are a bigger problem because they traded a first, third and sixth round picks for Roy Williams, a receiver well below Q's level, in 2008. That trade, they point out, sets the baseline for any trade that involves Boldin.    
  • The Arizona Republic expects the Cardinals to extend Boldin at least one contract offer but if he dismisses the offer, they say the Cardinals should seriously explore trading Q. They also cite that the Cowboys trade for Williams should be the bottom line though.
  • John Clayton said on ESPN (there's not direct link but Rotoworld cites it) that the Eagles and Giants are the front-runners should Q be put on the trading block. He expect the Cardinals to try and trade Q and that the compensation would be a first and third. With that in mind, he says the Eagles are the favorites right now b/c they have two first round picks. 

We'll eventually take an in depth look at the Q-situation and how the Cardinals should handle this hot potato but for now we'll just stand back and bring the popcorn.  What other crazy speculation or trade ideas are out there that you've heard?