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Arizona Cardinals Most Improved Player: Steve Breaston

With a landslide victory, Steve Breaston wins RotB's Most Improved Player of the Year. Steve, or "Boobs", as Hawk would call him, came into the s340x_mediumeason with an unsure role on the team. The problem that was faced was whether or not he could fill in as a full time receiver. Steve Breaston came to the Cardinals last year as a fifth round draft pick out of Michigan. The Cardinals drafted him hoping to get a home run threat on kickoffs, and essentially, that's what they got. He immediately made a difference in the return game, and later took a punt back against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the Cardinals first punt return in over a decade. When the 2008 season began, Breaston's competition was Jerheme Urban and Early Doucet. Breaston jumped on the scene week one with 40 yard bomb against the 49ers. When teammate Anquan Boldin went down, Steve filled in with a couple 100-yard games. On the last game of the season, Breaston caught enough passes to put him over the 1,000 yard mark in just his second season in the league. Breaston was quiet in the playoffs but when it mattered, he stepped up in the Super Bowl and kept more then one drive alive. You could say he answered all the questions because for week in and week out, he continually caught passes and kept the Cardinals offense moving. In honor of his duties this year, Steve Breaston is RotB's Arizona Cardinals Most Improved Player of the year.

Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD KR YDS AVG Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
16 77 1006 62.9 13.1 58 3 33 667 20.2 38 0 0 237 7.2 25 0

Here's a break down of Breaston's stats for 2008. He didn't excel in the return game like last year, but did have an impressive average at 13.1. What things were you most impressed by? Did anybody expect this kind of production?