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Arizona Cardinals Promote Bill Davis to Defensive Coordinator

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Hat tip to hevchv for breaking the news on ROTB over the weekend.

Reports surfaced over the weekend that the Arizona Cardinals are expected to announce that Bill Davis has been promoted to defensive coordinator. No official word has come from the organization and we probably won't hear from them until tomorrow because their offices are closed today. Davis came to the Cardinals two years ago, the same time as Whisenhunt, and was previously the defensive coordinator of the 49ers. Davis' hiring would also opens up another vacancy in the staff.

Again, we probably won't get any official word until tomorrow but Whisenhunt said on Friday that he expected to fill all vacancies by Wednesday, the start of the NFL Combine. We'll take a deeper look into Davis' coaching career once we get the official word.

Update: It's possible that Keith Butler, Steelers LB, coach either declined to be interviewed at all or turned down the job entirely. Kent Somers is now reporting that the Cardinals received permission sometime after Friday afternoon and that Whisenhunt and Butler probably spoke by phone. I'm sure we'll find out more details tomorrow once everyone is avaliable to the media but it's looking more and more like Bill Davis will be named the new defensive coordinator.