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Clancy Pendergast to coach in Kansas City

As reported by's Mike Sando, Arizona Cardinal's former Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast and current offensive assistant Dedric Ward have followed new Kansas City Head Coach Todd Haley over to the Chiefs.

The official staff designations have not been released at this time, but it can only be assumed  that Pendergast will regain his title as Defensive Coordinator for his new team. Ward, current Offensive Quality Control Coach for the Cardinals, could presumably step up to an offensive position coach under existing Kansas City Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey. All offensive position coaches with the exception of OL are open at this time, which is currently held by Bob Bicknell.

We probably should have seen this one coming considering Haley could use some familiar faces on his staff while he focuses on the head coaching position, but most importantly, will the media and football fans begin referring to Kansas City as "Arizona East"?