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Arizona Cardinals Quick Hits

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There has not been a lot going on so far in the NFL off season. The NFL Draft is right around the corner along with free agency. In Cardinal land, the major news has been the coaching staff changes and mainly Karlos Dansby getting the franchise tag again.

  • In case you haven't seen, Anquan Boldin's snake  agent Drew Rosenhaus acknowledged that if the Cardinals traded Q, they would need a lot in return. The Cowboys trade for Roy Williams comes to mind.
  • Also on Boldin, over at Yahoo Sports, they break down the teams that would best fit Q, including three NFC East teams.
  • The search for the empty coaching spots are close to being filled. According to azcentral and Ken Whisenhunt, the team will supposedly announce who will be the offensive coordinator by Thursday. Ignore the part about the defensive coordinator since we all know who got that job.
  • At CBS Sports, they discuss the releasing of running back Fred Taylor by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that the Cardinals would be a good fit for Taylor.
  • Mike Sando breaks down the NFC West GMs draft history. Rod Graves has had the most first round picks and tends to go after lineman on the offensive and defensive side.
  • The NFL scouting combine begins today. The combine will feature most of the top prospects of this year's NFL Draft. It will air today on NFL Network.
  • In draft news, one writer believes the Cardinals should consider drafting WR Juaquin Iglesias out of Oklahoma. He believes that if the Cardinals trade Boldin, that Iglesias would fill the physical void a receiver. And no he's not related to Enrique.
  • Finally, cornerback Dre' Bly was released by the Denver Broncos Tuesday. Bly will be available via free agency and the Cardinals may consider adding the veteran to play along side DRC if the price is right. Chris McAlister was released earlier this week and we already  touched on the possiblilty of the Cardinals picking him up.