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Should James Harrison Have Been Ejected From Super Bowl XLIII?

I've gotten several e-mails regarding this subject and I see it's being discussed in several different places, so I'll offer it up to fans of the Arizona Cardinals: Should James Harrison have been ejected for his personal foul penalty against Aaron Francisco? If you don't remember the play or didn't get a good look at the foul, you can check it out:

From what I can see, he threw an short punch around the five second mark that didn't amount to much and probably wouldn't have been a penalty if it had stopped there. The real point of contention came around the eight second mark. I'll leave it at that and post my personal thoughts about it in the comments with every one else.

It's also worth mentioning that Harrison didn't have much on a impact on the game after the punt so his ejection wouldn't have had an changed the outcome of the game, in my opinion. The Cardinals had the ball twice after this punt and the first was the two play drive that ended with Fitzgerald's 64 yard touchdown reception. On the second series he made a tackle on JJ Arrington 13 yards down field. With all that being said I ask you, should James Harrison have been ejected for his personal foul on Aaron Francisco?