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Revenge of the Birds Welcomes Yahoo Sports

Today is a great day for all of the sites here at Sports Blogs Nation, including us here at Revenge of the Birds. SBN has entered into a partnership with Yahoo! Sports, the most-trafficked sports site on the Internet, that will bring us added exposure and credibility.

Full details of the deal can be found here. An excerpt is below:

As members of our communities or readers of our sites, you already know that SB Nation takes a different approach to online sports. Our focus has always been on empowering fans to participate in conversations that are specific to their particular teams, leagues or sports. We've watched over the years as the popularity of this unique approach has rapidly accelerated.

Today we want to welcome some new members to our flourishing communities. SB Nation and our friends at Yahoo are partnering to give Yahoo Sports audiences one click access to our sites and content. In addition to being the largest sport property on the web, Yahoo Sports is known for some of the best general sports blogs including: Ball Don't Lie, Puck Daddy, Dr. Saturday, Big League Stew and others.

Relevant pages of Yahoo Sports will now feature contextual links to specific SB Nation communities. Many other pages of Yahoo Sports will feature SB Nation content and links. The great news is that more sports fans will be introduced to SB Nation sites.

Bottom line -  Welcome to a community that is passionate, knowledge (or at least we claim to be) and quite frankly obsessed with the Arizona Cardinals. If anyone, new or old, has questions, comments or concerns you can always contact the moderators of Revenge of the Birds at the email addresses listed at the bottom of the page or at

For new users

First of all, welcome! We believe Revenge of the Birds is the best Cardinals fan blog on the Internet, and we hope your contributions will make this an even better place to discuss the team we love.

What can kind of community is this? This is a friendly, open for intelligent, thoughtful discussion about whatever is going on with our Cardinals. We're not experts by any means but rather passionate fans who can't get enough Cardinals-talk.

What will you find here? Year-round discussion of your favorite football team. There is no off season for ROTB and we'll bring you something new discuss on a daily basis.

What do I have to do to join the group? It's amazingly simple. If you already have a Yahoo account, all you have to do is sign in with your Yahoo log in. You also have the choice to create your own unique user name and all you need for that is an email account. So sign up, join the group and you can begin commenting, or sharing your thoughts by using 'Fanshots' or 'Fanposts.'

Lastly , if you are new to the site and you choose to join the group, feel free to introduce yourself. If you're looking for a quick preview of the community that you're entering, check out the Fanpost in the right hand column titled "What's in a name....?"

For existing users

You guys are what makes this site what it is and I can't thank you enough for that. The good news for you guys is that this new merger, of sorts, won't effect the content that you've grown accustomed to. We'll continue to bring you the very best in Cardinals news, or at least our very best.

Please, welcome the new members from Yahoo!. Teach them the rules of the road. You know what kind of site this is, and I do not want growth to change the atmosphere in the building.

You may see an increase in trolls going forward, since we will be exposed to a wider audience. Don't let them bait you. Ignore them. Flag the comments or posts as offensive and let us take care of them.

Rules of the road

This is a reminder for existing users, and a head-up for new ones about what is expected here.

First and foremost, this is a friendly place. Personal attacks are strongly discouraged. We're not here to insult or demean other community members. Will there be disagreements or differing opinions? Of course, but do not turn your opinions into personals attacks. If you disagree with a post or a comment, bring a well-constructed, thoughtful argument to the table. Have an opinion, and express it maturely and intelligently.

Finally, when you visit the blogs connected with other teams remember that you represent Revenge of the Birds. There are certainly a fair share of trolls on the web and from other teams on this very network that we've dealt with this past season. It's annoying and everyone knows it. Please don't stoop to that level.