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Elliot Vallejo Offered One Year Tender.....More News to Come?

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ROTB has just learned that Elliot Vallejo, who was an exclusive rights free agent,  has recieved his one tender offer. It's for the minimum ($400K) but it ensures that he'll be back in the fold next season. Vallejo spent the 2007 season on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad but he was on the active roster for most of the 2008 season, serving as Mike Gandy's primary backup.

This should get the ball rolling as we hear about more re-signings as the day comes to a close. Stay tuned to ROTB and we'll keep you posted.

Update #1: The Cardinals have extended offers to both of their restricted free agents, Gabe Watson and Leonard Pope. Watson received the second round tender (worth 1.545), which means that the Cardinals would receive a second round pick if and teams signs him and the Cardinals chose not to match. Pope received lowest tender (worth 1.01 million) which means that the Cardinals would get compensation equal to the round in which he was originally drafted (3rd). Again the Cardinals have the right to match any offer that these guys receive and if they didn't they get the respective picks from the teams that sign the players.

Update #2: The Cardinals opened the flood gates now. They have extended one year tender offers to seven of their exclusive rights free agents cornerback Michael Adams, fullback Tim Castille, tight ends Stephen Spach and Ben Patrick, linebacker Pago Togafau, center Lyle Sendlein and of course, tackle Elliot Vallejo.They also signed Jason Banks (DT/DE), Alex Shor (TE) and Chris Vincent (RB), all of whom spent time with the team during training camp.

  • The surprising bit of news is that they cut holder Nathan Hodel. Hodel was somewhat of an expensive snapper at almost one million a season but they don't get much better than his performance over the past seven seasons.
  • So who does that leave out? Looking at our complete list of free agents, these guys will now hit the market......Eduardo Castaneda, Kelly Poppinga, Pat Ross and Enoka Lucas. Castaneda and Poppinga are linebackers while Ross and Lucas are centers.