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Arizona Cardianls Quick Hits: Wrapping up Super Bowl XLIII

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As you can imagine people are still talking about and breaking down countless angles from Sunday's game. Maybe the Arizona Cardinals did just play in the greatest Super Bowl ever, maybe they were just the victim of the best catch in a Super Bowl, but one thing is for sure, people aren't ready to stop talking Super Bowl yet.

  • For those who are into these kind of stats, Super Bowl XLIII was the most watched Super Bowl ever.
  • Mike Sando breaks down James Harrison's interception return.  
  • Peter King takes a look at the final Cardinals' play and defends the NFL. 
  • Arash Markazi says this loss will stick with the Cardinals for a while. 
  • USA Today predicts what Dennis Green would have said if he was still the coach (yea you can bet where they're going with this one).
  • USA Today also takes a look at Darnell Dockett's stand out game. 
  • USA Today also says the defense let a championship slip through their fingers. 
  • Football Outsiders looks the roller coaster the Cardinals rode to get to Super Sunday. 
  • Football Outsiders has solid story about SB coming down to a matter of inches.
  • Larry Fitzgerald Sr. (guess who's dad) gives his account of the game and how close his son was to fulfilling a life long dream. 
  • John Clayton take a look at 10 things he learned from the Super Bowl.