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The First Employee the Arizona Cardinals Should Re-sign/Extend is Ken Whisenhunt

The Arizona Cardinals have plenty decisions to make this off season with key free agents and guys who want new contracts, but the first move they should make this off season is extending and upping Ken Whisenhunt's contract. Two years ago when Whisenhunt was hired, he signed a four year contract (team option for a 5th season) with annual salaries that are believed to be in the neighborhood of $2.5 million per season. A 17-15 record through two seasons isn't mind blowing but he did engineer the first two consecutive non-losing seasons in Arizona since 1983-84. Andrew did a great job of looking back at Whiz's first two seasons, shortly before the Super Bowl.

Whisenhunt may not throw touchdowns or sack opposing quarterbacks but he's the leader of the NFC Champion, Arizona Cardinals and  he deserves a considerable reward. He does, after all, have more playoff victories in two seasons than every single Cardinal coach in team history combined. Agree? How far would  you extend him?