Todd Haley is the Kansas City Chiefs New Head Coach

From Arrowhead Pride

Todd Haley is the eleventh head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise.

This has been the most significant off season for the Kansas City Chiefs ever. The team is moving in a truly brand new direction. It's exciting, hopeful and invigorating to be a Chiefs fan right now.

Scott Pioli may end up being the most important long term hire this off season but the head coach is the face of the team. Todd Haley has attitude, intelligence and most importantly a long list of positives about the situation he's entering.

Todd Haley and Scott Pioli will hopefully bring the Chiefs back to the era when Arrowhead was feared; the playoffs were assumed; the defense was nasty; and a Chiefs Super Bowl was a Sports Illustrated cover story.

Football is fun again in Kansas City. Thanks Clark.



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