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Arizona Cardinals Off Season Awards: Most Improved Player

Its officially the off season and it's about that time to give out RotB awards. These awards are given out by none other then the RotB readers. We give out all the major awards that the NFL give out, just specifically for the Arizona Cardinals. We'll nominate the players one award at a time. The poll will start at the beginning of the week, and the winner will be decided at the end of the week. Since it's the start of the off season, the first award that the players will be nominated for, will be Arizona Cardinal Most Improved Player of the Year. Here are the nominees:

  1. Steve Breaston - Breaston went from being in charge of return duties last year, all the way to the 3rd string wide receiver this year. He gained over 1,000 yards and filled in great when Boldin wasn't able to play. He also had a great performance in the Super Bowl.
  2. Neil Rackers - Rackers nearly made up for his horrid performances of the past. He was clutch when they needed him to be, and was more accurate then he's ever been before.
  3. J.J. Arrington - You could call this season his break out year after being considered a bust in the beginning of his career. He came out against Dallas in week 4 and returned a critical kick for a touchdown. He was used nicely on the screen pass throughout the year as well.
  4. Antrel Rolle - He sneaks on the list because he technically didn't improve till halfway through the season. When he did improve though, he became more dependable as far as tackling and pass coverage. It looks like Rolle found the position that he can really excel at.

Here you have it. This list was a little hard to put together since there weren't a lot of obvious choices. Just like CotW, feel free to post who you think should be nominated and some reasons why.